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    16 Mar Expansion of North Florida Law Firm to Benefit Clay and Surrounding Counties

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: BeJae Shelton at (904) 791-1101 or Expansion of North Florida Law Firm to Benefit Clay and Surrounding Counties North Florida Attorneys Ann E. Finnell and Gonzalo Andux expand their client representation services into Clay and surrounding counties. Ann A. Finnell and......

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    16 Mar Welcome to our new website!

    We’ve created a new online experience to go along with our expansion into North Florida through our new partners, Ann E. Finnell and Gonzalo Andux. We hope you find it useful and always call us with your legal questions. ~Bruce Culbert...


Arrested? Facing a divorce?
Been hurt or injured in an auto accident?

Don't delay, even if you are not sure you need a lawyer, call us today for piece of mind.

No one plans to get arrested, no one expects a marriage to fail. Accidents happen and sadly people get hurt. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Sometimes it’s just plain bad luck.

There are times in life when you simply cannot face these challenges alone. You need a lawyer. Someone who will help you get your life back on the right path.

That someone is actually the law firm of Culbert, Andux & Finnell, P.A. Experienced, knowledgeable attorneys that live and work in the same community as you. In our 100 combined years of practice, we’ve seen and heard it all, from major federal crimes to minor traffic offenses. We treat each case as if it were our only case.

If you’ve been arrested in Duval County, St. Johns County, Nassau County, Volusia County or Clay County or just need someone to talk to, give us a call at (904) 264-8602. After all, what are neighbors for?

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